The Farm


An old fashioned farm

We strive to keep our farm as natural and organic as possible.  We raise our animals and our food just as it was centuries before us.  Raised in the beautiful country side without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, without hormone shots.  Our chickens are at large and our cows pastured and grass fed.

The Critters

We raise registered Milking Devon and Wagu Cattle, Mangalista Pigs, Chickens, Goats and Bees



Free range and organic fed


Black Hills Wild Flower Honey

Our bees are raised with minimal treatments and as natural as possible


Milking Devons

A heritage multi purpose breed, providing, meat, milk and draft

Mangalista Pigs

We are learning how to fence our pigs and hope to have them pastured this summer!

Contact us

Feel free to contact us with any questions!