Farm Food

We raise Milking Devon and Wagu Cattle, Mangalista Pigs all of which are know for having delicious and very sought after meat.  All of our animals have access to pasture in the summer and fall months and in the winter and spring we feed them organic grains and natural, pasture hay that has not been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides.


Mangalista Bacon, Sausage Ground Pork and Ham Steak are vailable!

Free Range and Organic Grain fed Chicken eggs

Devon Beef

Grass Fed Milking Devon Hamburger, Steaks and, Roasts will be available soon!

We will have Milking Devon Steaks, Roasts, and Hamburger available this spring of 2020.  We should have Wagu steaks available fall/winter of 2020.

We have a freezer full of Pork.  Please email, call or order of of the site for a delivery of pork.  We have sausage, ground pork, bacon and ham steaks available.

We also have chicken eggs available.  Our Chickens are free range and we feed our chickens organic grain from Big Sky Organics.  To order, please email or order on the website.