Mangalista Pigs

Due to their tasty meat and marbeling, Mangalista Pigs are known as the “Wagu of Pigs” and is becoming a very sought-after meat by chefs around the world. The Mangalista meat is red and has excellent creamy white fat marbling.  As well as a tasty meat, it has a soft creamy buttery texture that will make any food taste better and it’s amazing for baking.  Mangalitsa lard is lighter and it melts at a lower temperature than lard from other pigs because it contains more unsaturated fat.  Like many other heritage breeds, Mangalista pigs faced extinction because lard came out of favor and they are slower growing and therefor cost more to raise.  And, like many other heritage breeds, their meat analysis also shows healthier types of fats and more vitamins and nutrients than the common commercial pigs.

Mangalista Pig

Piglets for Sale  -  $150 each

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